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Mobile services

Learning on the go
Using your Smartphone for e-Learning

SDU offers mobile e-Learning via your smartphone. By using SDU’s e-Learning app, you can receive information on courses, read course material, participate in blogs etc. Click ”Mobile e-learning via smartphone” to the right and read more about mobile e-learning.

Additionally, you can print your course material etc. on one of SDU’s printers via your smartphone; use the link "mobile/wireless print" at the very foot of this page and read about your options.
Find instructions for setting up your smartphone to SDU e-mail at the foot of this page. See the link "SDU e-mail via smartphone”.

Contact Servicedesk if you need assistance.

Booking of group rooms at SDU

Guide - booking rooms at SDU

SDU Mobile app for your smartphone
The app is available for iPhone and Android smartphones and provides you with an overview of a range of activities and services at SDU. Users of other smartphones, e.g. Windows, may use a mobile web version of the app.

Last Updated 04.12.2023