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Mileage allowance

Mileage allowance is a subsidy for transport between your residence and SDU when it is not possible to use public transport, or if the trip by public transport extends your travel time by more than 2 hours (compared to driving by car).

Mileage allowance

Yes, if you meet the conditions below

Conditions for receiving mileage allowance

  • Route: It is not possible to travel by bus, train or metro on all or parts of the route between your place of residence and your place of study. This typically means that there must be more than 12 km from your place of residence to your first possible means of public transport.
  • Waiting time: Your total waiting time for bus, train or metro is at least two hours per teaching day. Waiting time means the time that elapses between your arrival at your place of study and your classes starting and/or when your classes are over.
  • Travel time: Your use of bus, train or metro extends your total travel time from your residence to place of study per day by more than two hours compared to driving by car.
  • § 114: You have a permanent physical or mental disability and are approved for a grant to support your purchasing a car in accordance with section 114 of the Social Services Act.

The condition for which you are applying for mileage allowance must be met on a regular basis and for more than half of the days you have transport between your place of residence and place of study for planned and recurrent programme activities; that is, classes, lectures and the like.

You are not eligible for mileage allowance on the grounds that the requirement is only met on a few days or at certain times, for example when participating in excursions, study trips or group work or a few other days with special start times or special locations. As a rule, the period must be at least one month at a time. We will consider your timetable for the entire semester. 

For more info on how to apply for mileage allowance, please refer to this page on   

If you have special programme activities that are not listed on, you must upload documentation for this programme activity. For instance, an internship agreement

To view what you need to upload with your application, please follow this link.

Please note: If you are going to do an internship, your documentation must include your schedule.

If your schedule varies, please submit your travel plans for 1 month at a time.

It is important that your application looks as described, otherwise it will be rejected.

The casework time for mileage allowance is 2-5 weeks.

You will get a letter in the decision in your e-boks

If you meet the requirements, you will be granted mileage allowance for 1 semester.


PLEASE NOTE: Please be aware of any changes that may suspend your mileage allowance (relocation, extension of course of study, erroneous disenrollment from your education programme etc.). You will need to reapply by submitting a new application and associated documentation.

Last Updated 07.02.2024