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Data responsibility

When you need to use the personal data for your project, there are two places you can get data from – from the participants themselves or from someone other than the participant themselves. To make it easier for you, we split up the two situations as they are treated differently in terms of both practical and legal aspects. There is also a process diagram that describes the processes. 

A. You decide how your project will be designed and which personal data you will use for the analyses. You are responsible for collecting the personal data directly from the participants. This means that you are responsible for ensuring that the rules of the GDPR are complied with and that data is generally in order. The SDU is not responsible for this type of tasks where the purpose is defined by yourself. It is still possible to get help and guidance, among other things, from IT about secure applications and storage solutions. It also means your master’s thesis should not be notified to SDU RIO. 

B. If, on the other hand, you have been given a predefined project by your supervisor or are associated with an existing research project, that is another matter. This is the case if you do not collect the personal data yourself, but need access to data that has already been collected. Then, your supervisor should contact SDU RIO to ensure that all the rules are complied with so you can get lawful access to data. 

Last Updated 07.02.2024