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Help and Guidance

The use of generative artificial intelligence (generative AI) at SDU


General regulations

You may use generative AI when writing take-home assignments, bachelor projects, graduation projects and master’s theses, but you must state this clearly (see more under ‘Information on use of generative AI’).

You may not use generative AI in connection with written field tests, other supervised exams or in connection with oral tests.

Any exceptions to the above general rules will appear in the course description.

It is your own responsibility to familiarise yourself with the rules in the course description. It is also your own responsibility to comply with any exceptions to the general rules.

Entry into force 1 September 2024
In the event of discrepancies between the original Danish text and the English translation, the original Danish text shall prevail.
Previous rules on the use of generative AI are repealed. 

Information on use of generative AI

You must state or clearly annotate if you have included material from generative AI directly or in edited form in your assignment. Missing information or annotation will be treated as plagiarism.

As a general principle, it should be possible for the reader to ascertain how generative AI has contributed to the final product.

SDU guidelines specify the ways in which the use of the different types of GAI generative AI must be indicated in the assignment. See the guidelines on this page.

Good to know

If you break the rules, it will result in reporting as a breach of rules for disciplinary measures at SDU.

Generative AI tools are not necessarily GPDR compliant. Therefore, prompts must never contain personally sensitive or confidential information, including research-/trade secrets.

Last Updated 28.06.2024