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It is very important that you consider adequate and enough insurance cover when going abroad to study or to work, especially regarding:

  • Health
  • Liability
  • Personal belongings and luggage
  • Accident insurance

Depending on your private insurance you might already be covered in one or more of these areas when travelling.

You need to check your policies first and then determine whether you are properly covered when going abroad.

Often you can get a "full package" at an insurance company covering all these areas.


If you are travelling within the EU you must have the blue European Health insurance card, it can be ordered via your municipality, to get the same treatment as the citizens of the country you are going to (read more about it on or

If you are not a European Citizen, you are not eligible for the blue European Health card and must instead make sure you have adequate private health insurance.

Be aware that Turkey is exempt in regards to the European Health card; you thus need private insurance regardless of your citizenship.

If you travel outside of the EU, you need a private insurance.  

Exchange within EU/EØS countries

Exchange outside Europe

What is necessary?

The blue European Health insurance card and/or private insurance

Private insurance


You will as student and European citizen have the rights to the same health services as the host country’s citizens. You will thus have to pay for the same services as all others have to pay for in the country.

It is thus important that you look into the rules and services of the health system before you travel there.

Expenses for transport home and for your family visiting if you become ill will only be covered through a private health insurance.

If you travel outside of the EU you are not covered by any public health insurance.

The only option is to have private insurance.

Some universities abroad demand that you buy their student health insurance. This is however not always adequate and will typically not cover your travel home in case of illness or injury. You should look into their insurance thoroughly and if needed take out a private insurance as well.

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Last Updated 21.07.2021