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Services for all students at the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences 

Student Service Sønderborg

Practical information about curricula, forms, teaching and exams. Here you can also get information about study board meetings and processing time, etc. If you have questions about a specific case, you must contact your study board. 

Marlene Kaizler (B.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration)
Doris Petersen (European Studies)

Mail: sdu-sø

Link t0 Student Service.

Academic Student Advisor

Counseling regarding  study life, rules and other study related circumstances. 

See:  Academic Student Advisors

Study Board

Processing of applications for exemption etc. 

If you have any questions regarding a specific case, please use your student mail to contact your Study Board

See: Applications

Services for all students at SDU

Student Services

Course and wellbeing counseling, SU, acceptance and enrollment, studying abroad, IT, exams, assistance for professional or elite athletes as well as support for students with various physical and/or psychological challenges etc.  

Single Point of Contact (Webpage) via SPOC

KOT-optag: 6550 1051
UKOT-optag: 6550 1052
UKOT-optag (int.): 6550 1055
SDU International: 6550 2264
Study Counseling: 6550 1801
Registration and Legality: 6550 1059

Office hours: weekdays between 10pm and 2am, see location

University Library of Southern Denmark

Loan of literature and counseling regarding  the search within the library ressources. Furthermore arrangements, help writing assignments (Student 2 student), book a librarian session etc. 

Phone: +45 6550 1160
Office hours: See opening hours for all campuses

Student counseling 

An independent unit outside the University, who offers social and psychological counseling for students. For example stress, anxiety, depression,self-esteem problems and personal crises. 

See office hours, location etc. for the Student Counseling


Last Updated 26.08.2021