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University Elections 2023

Voting rights and nomination for the SDU elections – here’s a guide

On 22-23 November 2023, it’s time to cast your vote in the electronic ballot boxes! Learn more about your voting rights and to which governing bodies you can stand for election.

If you dream of having influence in one of SDU's many collegiate bodies, now’s your chance. The elections at SDU are coming up in November, and from 10 October, SDU students can put their names forward for election.

You can run or vote for the position of student representative of the following collegiate bodies:

  • The Study Boards

Do you want to stand as a candidate?  

If you want to stand as a candidate, you should go to the electronic candidate list – you will find a guide on the election website. The deadline for nomination of candidates is Tuesday 7 November at 12:00 noon.

How do I vote?

The election is electronic. The election portal is open from 22 November at 9:00 AM until 23 November at 7:00 PM.

Log on to the voting portal with your username and password for your SDU email account. Verification of your identity is done via WAYF, where you must choose the University of Southern Denmark as your institution. 

What to do if I have questions?

If you cannot find answers to your questions on the election website, please contact:

Contact SDU’s Election Secretariat:

Or contact Sladja Zoric: 

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