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Ready to join SDU Startup Station’s cool startup environment?

Let’s go! We want to ensure you a great start with us from the very beginning regardless of where you’re at on your entrepreneurial journey. Through our Intro Program you will partake in different workshops facilitated by our business developers. Here, you get the opportunity to work with subjects to develop your business idea, such as user research, market validation, prototyping, team composition and business model. All together with getting to know the amazing environment of like-minded entrepreneurs! 

IF you can show that you’ve already worked in-depth with the above, you’ll get access to a fast track. Please notify us, otherwise we’ll get back to you if we believe it’s relevant based on your application. 
Discover more about what you get access to, who can apply, the two tracks, when, and where in the text below.


What do you get access to? 

Once you’ve completed our Intro program, you will be engaged in our incubator SDU Startup Station. Here you’ll get: 

  • Monthly 1:1 business development sessions with your primary business developer, who will help you with everything from balancing your student and startup life to navigating the many opportunities and challenges of starting your own business. This includes aspects like go-to-market strategy, project management., prioritizing your resources best, budgeting, sales, financing, concept development, networking, and much more.
  • Prototype facilities and creative workspace.
  • 24/7 access to office spaces in the next phase of our environment, the Explore zone.
  • The ability to book meeting rooms for workshops, deep focus, and client meetings.
  • Help with getting funding.
  • Legal advice through workshops and our network.
  • Access to an inspiring network of startups that have often faced the challenges you will encounter on your journey.
  • Workshops on relevant topics such as pricing, sales, and public funding.
  • Unlimited coffee.

Who can apply?

No matter whether you have worked with your idea for several months or just discovered a problem, we're ready to bring you forward, as long as...

... Your team has at least one SDU student or one alumnus who has graduated from SDU within the last four months.

... You have identified a potential need or problem.

... You aspire to bring your idea to the market.


Which track should you enroll in?

 We have two tracks: The First-timer and the Up ’n Running track.

You are automatically enrolled in the First-timer” track, so please let us know, if you believe that you should be enrolled in the Up ‘n Running track.
First-timer is for you who are at the very beginning of your business idea. Here, we will guide you through the important, first steps of the startup process. This track includes three workshops and a Business Panel:

Workshop 1: Intro to our environment & User Research
Workshop 2: Prototype & User Test
Workshop 3: Team Composition & Business Model
Business Panel: Pitch your idea in front of a panel, who will bring your idea forward.

Please be aware of that attendance is mandatory for all workshops and the business panel.

Up ‘n Running is for you who already worked in-depth with the themes of the workshops above. 
In Up 'n Running, you will be conditionally enrolled in Startup Station, where you will get 1:1 support from one of our business developers and 24/7 access to our building till you finish the Intro Program. Each applicant for Up 'n running will be evaluated individually.

If you get on this track, you only need to attend the first workshop and the  Business Panel:

Workshop 1: Intro to our environment
Business Panel: Pitch your idea in front of a panel, who will bring your idea forward
Please be aware of that attendance is mandatory for the workshop and the business panel.



The Intro program is running three times a year, with each batch lasting eight weeks. Check the upcoming Intro dates below: 

Batch 17 - Application deadline: 01st of April 2024

Workshop 1: 04th of April at 15.00-18.00

Workshop 2: 23rd of April at 15.00-19.00

Workshop 3: 14th of May at 15.00-19.00

Business Panel: 28rd of May at 16.30-19.30



Batch 18 - Application deadline: 20th of October 2024

Workshop 1: 22nd of October at 15.00-18.00

Workshop 2: 12th of November at 15.00-19.00

Workshop 3: 03rd of December at 15.00-19.00

Business Panel: 12th of December at 16.30-19.30



Batch 19 - Application deadline: 02nd of February 2025

Workshop 1: 04th of February at 15.00-18.00

Workshop 2: 25th of February at 15.00-19.00

Workshop 3: 18th of March at 15.00-19.00

Business Panel: 27th of March at 16.30-19.30


Can’t wait for the next Intro program to begin? 

If you need help and support before our next Intro program starts, please apply and then write Melissa Ø. Frederiksen at


All our activities will take place in Videnbyen, Cortex Park 26, 5230 Odense M.
It’s conveniently located on your way home from the university, so no worries!

How to apply?

We recommend using a computer to fill out the application in our platform Entreprenerdy.
1. Go to Entreprenerdy
2. First, fill in some information about you.
3. Then, invite your team members so they can fill in some personal information too (only create one case for your whole team).
4. Now, let’s get to know your startup - fill out the categories ’Purpose’, ’Resources’ & ’Business Idea’. 

That’s it! Apply here!
Any questions?
Please contact our business developer Melissa Ø. Frederiksen at

What comes after the Intro program?

After finishing the Intro program, you will be fully enrolled in our next step, Explore. Read more about that here.



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