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Freedom of expression and respect for diversity

The freedom to express oneself without being subjected to threatening and harassing behaviour is essential for a safe study environment.

One of the basic prerequisites for a good study environment is a culture characterised by respectful behaviour and tone. At SDU, there is a clear expectation for all students to respect everyone’s right to express themselves freely. This also includes that fellow students who use their freedom of expression should not be subjected to threatening and harassing behaviour. This is also described in SDU’s Common Code of Conduct.

We would like to emphasise that everyone has a responsibility to contribute to maintaining a proper

and respectful tone. This is done by showing respect for others and making an effort to understand other points of view and opinions, but also by challenging views, opinions and ideas that you disagree with in an orderly and respectful manner.

Freedom of expression is part of the lifeblood of SDU

SDU is home to and hosts many discussions and expressions. It’s part of our nature as a university that is founded on the ideals of the Enlightenment. At all times, the consideration of the inviolability of freedom of expression – within the framework of the law – outweighs the consideration of anyone who may be offended. This also applies to speech that seems unpleasant, incorrect or offensive.

We take a very dim view of behaviour that is threatening and harassing to fellow students whose views differ from one’s own. This is stated in SDU’s Common Code of Conduct:

‘We want a way of interacting where we dare to talk openly about both similarities and differences – freedom of expression is part of the lifeblood of SDU.’

Best regards,

Jens Ringsmose,

Helle Waagepetersen,

Thomas Buchvald Vind,
University Director

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Editing was completed: 01.11.2023