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SDU creates a phishing campaign

In line with the increased cyber threat, SDU creates a phishing campaign that prepares you against phishing attacks

By SDU Digital and SDU IT , , 10/16/2023

The cyber threat landscape is constantly changing, which is why we need to strengthen our cybersecurity culture as well as our resilience to phishing attacks. 

SDU continues the work to increase information security. Part of this is a phishing campaign. Previously we have made phishing campaigns for our employees. Now you will be exposed to the practice. 

Be aware of, that this is just a learning process. If you should fall into the trap, there will be no negative consequences. We just want to investigate and have a look on how prepared you are against phishing attacks.

The campaign is followed with awareness exercises, which we will open up on IT's page at a few weeks after the exercise. With these exercises, you can strengthen your awareness skills and help fight cybercrime.

Editing was completed: 16.10.2023