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Phishing campaign

Phishing campaign withdraw due to outage

Yesterday, Wednesday the 15th November, SDU had planned to roll out a phishing campaign that was unfortunately sent out just before a outage. This has caused a bigger uncertainty, which is why the campaign withdraw.

By SDU Digital and SDU IT , , 11/16/2023

On Wednesday 15 th November, SDU sent out a phishing campaign, consisting of an email from itslearning that was sent to all students. The email was part of a phishing exercise.

The purpose of the phishing campaign was to strengthen your awareness of phishing mails.

We have experienced uncertainty and nervousness among you students, which is why we have chosen to withdraw the campaign from those who have not yet opened the email.

We would again like to point out that it has no consequences for you who should have clicked on the link. You are not responsible for the network outage that was caused by a power outage.

Should you have any further questions, please contact us at the IT Service desk or send us an email at As mentioned earlier, we are busy at the moment and you should therefore expect waiting time. 

Editing was completed: 16.11.2023