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Study Start

Welcome to the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences at SDU

Congratulations on your enrolment. We all look forward to welcoming you to your new life as a student at SDU. The coming period will offer many new experiences, new relationships and new challenges – both academically and socially.

We help you get off to a good start with an intro program and our online study start course How to Uni.

Top-5 questions for study start

See your introprogram, when and where your programme start  the introduction days.
You will find your timetable in the menu.

We recommend that you participate in the entire intro program as it will give you the best prerequisites for getting well started on your program.

The literature that you need for your courses will be posted in that course’s Blackboard. The syllabus is usually first posted after the semester starts, so it might be a good idea to wait until after the first class before you purchase your books.

SDU has its own bookshop, where you can buy most, if not all, the books you need for your classes.

The can also find a many of the books at the Library at SDU. Your Student Card functions as your loaner’s card.

There are four official channels that you need to check in order to keep yourself updated.

It is your responsibility as a student to keep yourself updated on the current rules, deadlines for application and enrollment as well as your examination periods. 

 If you get sick in the study start period, you must note that there will be held a study start test, which is a prerequisite for you to stay in the programme.

If you are unable to attend the study start test due to illness, please contact Studiekontakten at or 6550 2290 (workdays 10-14) as soon as possible.

There are several places to find help at SDU, and who to contact depends on your questions.

If in doubt you can always contact the Student Information Point.


Last Updated 26.08.2021