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Arrival: 10th of August 2020.

Journey home: 24th of August 2020.

Length: 2 weeks (mandatory). It is a requirement that the length of the stay abroad is a minimum of 14 days.

Number of places for the destination: Min. 4 persons, max 12 persons.

This program focuses on health problems in an arctic and global context. You will meet international and National NGOs, visit the hospital, the university and meet people who are passionate about preventing, improving and making accessible healthcare in Greenlandic conditions.

You will also experience the health care system of Greenland in the Capital of Greenland, Nuuk, and in a smaller settlement where access to healthcare is far from easy.

The program offers excursions all over town combined with relevant lectures. There will be two-four days off during the stay (depending on final program), where you can experience Nuuk and surroundings by yourself; but the stay is a group journey at its core.

The lectures during the stay take place partly in educational institutions such as The University of Greenland, and their seminar for health care workers. We prioritize meeting health professional groups and persons where they work. We adopt a broader view on health and healing, where the social environment plays a crucial role. Therefore, a large part of the lectures are organized as excursions, rather than ‘class teaching’. The lectures will be in English, and some sessions with translation from/to Grenlandic (Kalaalisut).

In 2020, the program will include:

1st week:

  • Arrival to Nuuk
  • Welcome Dinner
  • Introduction to Greenland, the historical background of the colonialism of Greenland and the relations between Greenland and Denmark
  • Introduction to the three sectors in the healthcare system: NGO, public and private. Meeting Paarisa; the public work for prevention
  • Visit to Dronning Ingrids Hospital/Queen Ingrid’s Hospital “Sana” in Nuuk
  • Excursion to the small settlement of Kapisillit or Kangerlussuaq, and the local nurse station
  • Presentation of Health Science study programs and current research programs at University of Greenland, Ilisimartusarfik
  • Focus on the psycho-social consequences on children and youths in Greenland
  • 1 or 2 days off with possibility for planning your own leisure time

2nd week:

  • Farewell Dinner
  • Visiting NGOs doing healthcare and social work
  • Focus on suicide, neglect and sexual assault
  • Focus on preventing; The Baby Doll Project and The Manu Project
  • Excursion to Greenland’s Sports Association
  • Visit with Ulrikka Holm, Sexologist
  • 2 days of volunteer work or individual visits (placement at a hospital, health clinic or NGO  based on academic field/interest)
  • 1 or 2 days off with possibility for planning leisure time
  • Farewell Dinner

Please note that the final program may be subject to change.  


We emphasize thorough preparation before departure. You will be invited to a pre-departure meeting at SDU where a contact person from Placementklinik will give you an introduction to Ghana and the program. The meeting also covers issues such as safety and cultural differences. At the meeting, you can get answers to all the questions you may have about the trip.

Don’t forget to apply for grants to finance your stay abroad. In addition to the grant databases, you can apply to international accounts at the Faculty of Health Sciences and SDU International:

The International Account at the Faculty of Health Sciences

Deadline for applications: 21st of May 2019

Internationalization Fund at SDU International

Deadline for application: ongoing

Below you will find the budget for the stay abroad in Greenland in 2020.

Stay: DKK 19.400

Plane ticket: ca. DKK 6000

*The price of the stay is excl. the flight. The price changes continuously, and we recommend booking the flight in due time to get the cheapest price possible.

When you book your stay, you can choose if you want Global Contact to book your flight, or you can book your flight yourself.

The amount payable upon registration is DKK 5,000. Global Contact will collect the remaining balance approx. 6 weeks before departure. You are responsible for having a sufficient insurance coverage. If you do not have this, Global Contact can help you.

What is included in the price (stay and plane ticket)?

  • 15 days study trip to Greenland (incl. accommodation and breakfast)
  • Round-trip flight ticket
  • Pre-departure meeting and preparation before the trip
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off to/from Nuuk
  • Transportation during the stay including boat to/from Kapisillit
  • All courses, visits and excursions in the program, and local guide
  • Access to 24-hour emergency phone
  • Administration fee to Global Contact

The package does not include:

  • Lunch and dinner, except the Farewell Dinner
  • Activities on the days off
  • Travel insurance
  • Membership of Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke (you are automatically registered when you book the stay)

The price of the stay without plane tickets include the same as above expect for flight. Please note that pick-up upon arrival at the destination will take be at pre-defined meeting point, typically the airport.

Do you want to be in charge of your own airfare?

If you choose to purchase your own plane tickets, make sure that you wait to purchase the tickets until your stay has been confirmed by Global Contact. When your stay is confirmed, you will also receive detailed information about when and where you should arrive. It is your responsibility to book the plane tickets for the stipulated time, as well as purchasing a comprehensive travel insurance.


It is a requirement that you have travel insurance. It is strongly recommended that you have an extended travel insurance that covers:

  • Personal accident insurance
  • Public liability insurance
  • Medical emergency service
  • Home transport in case of illness
  • Legal aid
  • Holiday home insurance


You can find information about which vaccines are required for the country you are travelling to on Statens Serum Instituts website. Make an appointment with your own doctor to get the vaccines.

Visa rules differ from country to country and are subject to change. For instance, some countries may demand that your passport is valid in excess of 6 months after you have left the country. Therefore, always consult the guidelines specified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs valid for Danish citizens.

NB. If you're not a Danish citizen, other visa rules apply. To learn which visa rules apply to you, contact the local representation or your embassy/consulate in Denmark.

Your student advisor can help answer any questions related to the placement of Global Health and your study plan.

Student Advisor MSc in Audiology:

Student Advisor MSc in Pharmacy:

Student Advisor MSc in Public Health:

Student Advisor MSc in Clinical Biomechanics:

Student Advisor MSc in Physiotherapy, MSc in Occupational Therapy, MSc in Health/Midwifery, MSc in Health Science, MSc in Nursing:

Student Advisor MSc in Medicine:

Student Advisor MSc in Sport Science and Health:

Contact Global Health:

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