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Module in Global health

Graduate students at the Faculty of Health Sciences can enroll in the elective module Global Health which includes a two-week stay abroad. Global Health can give you an insight into the most significant health challenges in Nepal or the organization of the healthcare system in Palestine. You will gain knowledge about differences and similarities between Danish and foreign healthcare systems, and international experience which can be applied during your studies and in your subsequent professional career.

Your academic advisor can help you examine the best possible placement of the module cf. your program regulations. Graduate students from other faculties at SDU can follow the module if it has been pre-approved by the relevant Study Board. 

Global Health destinations

In previous years, Global Health has offered different destinations such as California, Greenland, Panama, Palestine, Nepal and Ghana. The destinations vary greatly and we recommend that you acquaint yourself with the differences and read the individual destination programs.

See the timeline for Global Health 2020 here

Global Health gives you an insight into:

  • Healthcare challenges and challenges within the healthcare system of a specific country in combination with a topic of your own choice in the country in question

  • Differences and similarities between the Danish and a foreign healthcare system

  • Cross-disciplinary knowledge exchange as participants are from various Health Science Master’s programs

Who can participate?

Graduate students at the Faculty of Health Sciences and graduate students from all other faculties at SDU. Please note that Medicine and Psychology graduate students cannot participate in the module.

You can apply for grants

SDU and the Faculty of Health Sciences support the module, and you can apply for grants:

The International Account at the Faculty of Health Sciences

Deadline for applications: 21 May 2020

Internationalisation Fund – SDU 

Deadline for applications: ongoing

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