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Interview med phd-studerende Tamara Holkenov

What is your professional background?

I have worked in various educational and administrative jobs, such as teaching geometry through origami for kids, office manager at the Palestinian-Israeli movement "Combatants for Peace" and teaching Hebrew for Palestinian students in East Jerusalem.


How are you approaching the project?

My current way of approaching the project is mainly through a particular parable in a 3rd century Palestinian rabbinic text called "Sifrei Devarim" (the books of Deuteronomy). The parable presents a powerful image of Torah Study as the ultimate form of total devotion, and I have been analysing it from various angles.


How is a typical day working on the project?

I try to start the day with some jogging outdoors. Then take a shower, have breakfast, check emails. Then work on some articles or prepare something to submit or present for the next deadline. Sometimes I have Zoom meetings or presentations. Lately, sometimes I even physically go to the University!


What does the project contribute?

The project contributes a better understanding of radical religion, especially its emotional and narrative aspects. Although it deals with the ancient world, its conclusions might shed light on current phenomena as well.


Do you have any career advice to students who dream of starting as a PhD?

You might need to stay on Facebook to find a PhD position through groups etc., but once you got the job, it could be a good idea to deactivate again!


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Sidst opdateret: 01.08.2022