Radical Rethink! The Future of Ageing Societies

  • Boost your CV
  • Team up with talents from other faculties
  • Graduate with a special recognition

Radical Rethink! is a one-year extra-curricular talent programme for ambitious and forward-looking students, who wish to integrate their personal abilities within interdisciplinary talent teams. Student teams are challenged to create new ideas that breach boundaries and paradigms to approach solutions of burning issues in ageing societies of the 21st century.

Can you really make a difference? Yes. It is all about ideas. It is about being enthusiastic, dedicated, and brave enough to just do it.

Will you have the necessary time and resources? Yes. Viable ideas ensure their own growth. If you have a viable idea, it is the idea itself that drives you forward and holds all the potential and resources needed for its growth, just like a seed holds all the potential and resources necessary to grow into a tree. All it needs for the seed is to land on favorable soil with access to light, water, and nutrients. This fertile breeding ground is what Radical Rethink! offers you; to make your ideas grow and root into reality.

How do we take care of you? You will benefit from the synergy created in teams and from the higher level of intelligence deriving from the connection of team members with radically diverse talents. You will be held by individual and team mentors, by dedicated teachers, and by a large portfolio of standing experts, inside and outside SDU.  

Apply here now! Deadline 30th April.

Radical Rethink! is an initiative developed within CPop - Interdisciplinary Centre on Population Dynamics. 


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