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Gæsteforelæsning med professor Jan N. Bremmer: Religious Pluralism in the Ancient World

I forbindelse med forskningsprojektet Total Devotion – Passions and Plots in Radical Religion in the Ancient World ( gæster Professor Jan N. Bremmer instituttet fra 3.-30. oktober. I den forbindelse vil forskningsprogrammet Autoritet, materialitet og medier og Religionsstudier gerne invitere alle til en gæsteforelæsning onsdag d. 27. oktober kl. 15:15-16:15 i U52: Religious Pluralism in the Ancient World.




Religious Pluralism in the Ancient World: Herodotus, the Roman Republic and Late Antiquity

Prof. Jan N. Bremmer, Groningen

When, where, why and by whom was the idea of religious pluralism invented? And when was the idea of superstition, that is, a differentiation within a religion between positive and negative worship developed? Was ancient polytheism more tolerant than monotheism? These are the main questions which will be discussed for different periods of antiquity.


All are welcome to this guest lecture with Professor Jan N. Bremmer, one of the world’s foremost experts on ancient religions: October 27, 3:15 p.m. in U52, Prof. Bremmer is the author of The Early Greek Concept of the Soul (1983), Greek Religion (1994), The Rise and Fall of the Afterlife (2002), The Rise of Christianity Through the Eyes of Gibbon, Harnack and Rodney Stark (2010), and many other books and articles.

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