Owen Jones


I am an evolutionary ecologist focusing on life history.

I aim to understand patterns of reproduction and survival (and their consequences) in species across the tree of life. I try to understand the relationship among these patterns and traits like body mass, taxonomy or growth form, and habitat. I am particularly interested in how knowledge of these patterns can inform conservation actions. 

I use a mixture of published data, existing databases (e.g. matrix population models), ongoing field projects and novel data collection. I work with collaborators around the world who study a range of species (e.g. seals, various bird species), but I also collect my own data on plant and bird populations around the SDU campus and at the Svanninge Bjerge field station.

Kontakt Owen Jones


  • Demography
  • Matrix Population Models
  • Life-history strategy
  • Biodiversity

Eksempler på tidligere bachelor- og specialeprojekter

  • Providing nest boxes for hole-nesting birds – Does age of habitat matter? (2018)
  • Population size and distribution of feral pigeons in Odense (2018)
  • Comparing life history trait data among databases: do they all tell the same story? (2018)
  • The effect of nest temperature on growth and survival in juvenile great tits (Parus major) (2018)
  • Life history and demography of grey seal (2016)
  • Hunting behaviour of domestic cats in Denmark (2016)

Mulige kommende bachelor- og specialeprojekter

  • Can providing nest boxes increase woodland bird diversity? –Bird monitoring fieldwork on experimental plots in different woodland types at Svanninge Bjerge.
  • Breeding strategy of the great tits on the SDU campus –Fieldwork and analysis of data from the great tit population around SDU to study reproduction and survival.
  • Using matrix population models (MPMs) to study life history strategy – MPMs describe life history strategy and are a fundamental tool for population biologists. You will analyze MPM data to address interesting conservation or life history questions.
  • How well do predictions from demographic data match with IUCN red list status? – Explore how well predictions from demographic data match up to the IUCN record.
  • Exploring species knowledge using Wikipedia and other online data sources – A computer-based project exploring the association between species characteristics (size, rarity, habitat, taxonomy etc.) and species knowledge.

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