Questions at study start

Questions at study start

1. How do you get off to a good start with your studies?

Life as a university student is different than going to high school. Therefore it's important to make an effort to establish good study habits. It may be e.g. training your reading technique, notetaking, training your academic writing skills or working on structuring your everyday study habits.  

Events that help you get started
The different counseling units as well as the library at SDU holds workshops throughout the year in academic writing, good study habit, choices during your programmme etc. See the events at SDU.

2. Which books do you need to buy?

On SDU's digital platform you’ll find book lists for all of the subjects you will be taking in the upcoming semester. The book lists are often not released until just before the start of the semester.

Ask your lecturer for advice
It is always a good idea to ask your lecturers for advice on which literature you must make a priority to buy and which literature is considered to be of secondary importance and which you may not necessarily need to buy.

SDU has it's own bookstore
The university has its own bookstore. Sometimes you may also be able to borrow the books you need from the library, or buy them used from older students or at  

3. How can you stay updated about your programme?

For the full duration of your study, we expect you to stay updated about your programme through announcements from SDU on the following sites:

• SDU's digital platform
Your student e-mail
• Student Self  Service
• Your programme’s pages on

Remember, that it is your responsibility to stay updated on changes to your time table, exam plan, etc.

5. Have you previously passed courses?

If you have previously studied in another Bachelor's programme without completing it, it's mandatory to apply for starting credits. It's a legal requirement and means that the courses you have passed in your previous programme, may be credited as part of your new programme, making it comparably shorter.  

Have you completed another programme?
If you have previously completed another Bachelor's programme, you may apply for credits.

Learn more about starting credits and credits
How to apply for credit transfer varies depending on whether you have completed your previous programme or not. Read more under credit

6. Have you fallen ill during the study start period?

If you fall ill during the study start period, please note that your programme may have a study start test which you are obliged to pass in order to continue your studies. There is also a First Year Examination. 

If you fall ill
Read about what to do if you fall ill during the study start period.

7. Did you order your student card?
Remember your student card to access SDU

Due to Covid-19 you can only access SDU if you have your student card. The student card works as an access card so you can open the outer doors.

How to get your student card

You must order your student card through You will use your student card among others as identification, to access the university outside normal opening hours and when  you have to use the printers.  

When you order your student card you will be assigned an exam number, that you will need when you login to SDU's IT facilities for the first time.

If you need help on how to order your student card, you can find a guide here. 

8. Do you have access to the IT facilities at SDU?

As a student at SDU, you have access to SDU's IT facilities, that is your student e-mail, the Student Self Service portal and SDU's digital platform. 

You will reveice login information by e-mail
We will send you an e-mail with information on access to SDU's IT facilities to the e-mail address that you stated in your application. If you have not received the e-mail within 3 days after accepting your offer to join your programme, please contact

9. Do you need assistance to complete your study programme?

Do you have a permanent physical disability or a mental disorder, which requires special support in relation to completing a university degree programme, you can apply for Special Educational Support (SPS).

10. Do you have a good grip on SU (The Danish Education Grant and Loan Scheme)?
11. Do you know your campus?

We have made a campusguide, where you can get an overview of the facilities offered in the different campus cities ets. 

Directory for your campus
In order for you to find your way around your campus, we have collected our maps in directory for our campuses.

12. Who can help you?

At SDU there is a large number of staff, who are ready to help you during your course of study, and to help ensure that you benefit from your time here as a student.

If you e.g. have questions about your programme your academic student advisor/study mentor or lecturers may help, guide or supervise you. If you have questions concerning choices during your course of study, rules/regulations and procedures that apply to you, the Student Guidance Service are there to help you. And if you need help e.g. finding a relevant student job or writing your resumé the Career Guidance can help you with that. 

Overview of who may help and with what.


       Do you need help?        

➤  You can always contact the Student Guidance Service.