Carolin Löscher


My goal is to explore climate change in the past, present and future Ocean and to provide new solutions for sustainability, e.g. by developing environmentally friendly plastics or anti-freezing agents.

I want to understand and reconstruct the relationship between environmental change and biological evolution. Specifically, me and my group are investigating major consequences of climate change, such as the development of Ocean oxygen minimum zones (OMZ), Ocean acidification and its interaction with Ocean productivity.

We are using an interdisciplinary approach combining high throughput genetic mining, meta-omic modeling, including molecular clock design, with biogeochemical rate measurements, chemical profiling using micro-sensors and oceanographic modeling to explore past and present climate change events, and to predict future scenarios.

Kontakt Carolin Löscher


  • Ocean biogeochemistry and ecology
  • Metagenomics
  • Climate change

Eksempler på tidligere bachelor- og specialeprojekter

  • Microbial oxygen sensing in OMZ waters (2018)
  • N2 fixation in the oxygen minimum zone off Peru- a mesocosm approach (2018)
  • N2 fixation in the seasonally anoxic Mariager Fjord, Denmark (2017)
  • Archaeal nitrification in anoxic ocean eddies (2016)

Mulige kommende bachelor- og specialeprojekter

  • Evolution and ecology of anoxygenic photosynthesis
  • N2 fixation and Ocean acidification - what’s the impact?
  • Global warming and primary production: How will the ocean productivity change when it’s getting hot out there?
  • DMS - the one trace gas that could protect the Earth’s climate: How could we make use of it to mitigate climate change?

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