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Facilities in Esbjerg

The Library is shared with UC SYD, and you will find it at entrance B.

SDU Maps campus map and guide is a complete map and guide to SDU Esbjerg, which also contains a search function for, among other things, meeting and teaching rooms.

You can also download SDU Maps for your smartphone or tablet from the App Store or Google Play.

UC SYD provides the opportunity for students at SDU Esbjerg to swim lanes in the swimming pool and get strong in the gym. A membership in UCS Fit Esbjerg costs DKK 250 per year and a membership for swimming costs DKK 130 per semester.

Opening hours: Fitness every weekday at 7-16, and swimming Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7-8.

Registration forms and other important information can be found on their Facebook page.

All lost property found in SDU Esbjerg's building should be handed in to Technical Services. It is stored there for 3 months, after which it is handed in at the police lost property office.

If you have lost something, you can contact Technical Services on 6011 4109 or 6011 1547.

Lost property in UC SYD's buildings is handed in to UC Service.

Grafisk Center is SDU's in-house printing house. We supply all kinds of printed matter to the units and students at SDU.

DinnerdeLuxe runs SDU's canteen which is shared with UC SYD and is located in their building.

There are lockers in two places on campus and they can be borrowed at the Library. Read more

Our new building is called Building 8. This is what the first digit of the room number refers to. The next digit refers to either level 1 or 2.


Find them on the map.

E 81031 Classroom 60 seats
E 81056 Classroom 60 seats
E 81070 Classroom 30 seats
E 81071 Classroom 30 seats
E 81072 Classroom 30 seats
E 81073 Classroom 80 seats
E 81103 Classroom 90 seats
E 81104 Classroom 30 seats
E 81113 Classroom 80 seats

Group rooms

 The group rooms create the opportunity to immerse yourself as a group in enclosed group rooms, where several offer a screen that can facilitate the work process. During periods of project writing and exams, it is an advantage to book to secure a room.

 Available group rooms can be booked at and you'll find a guide here. If the room is not used within the first hour of your booking, the booking is canceled and the room can be used freely by others. We reserve the right to make changes to your booking. In case of problems, you can contact Technical Services at stating "Esbjerg".

E 81032 Group Room 6 seats
E 81037 Group Room 6 seats
E 81057 Group Room 6 seats
E 81058 Group Room 6 seats
E 81084 Group Room 6 seats
E 81085 Group Room 6 seats
E 81111 Group Room 6 seats
E 81112 Group Room 6 seats
E 81120 Group Room 6 seats
E 82032 Group Room 6 seats

Meeting rooms

Students are allowed to use available meeting rooms, but will have to relocate if the room is booked.

There is a smoking ban at SDU Esbjerg. This also applies to e-cigarettes and it applies both outside and inside.

At UC SYD, they have a tobacco ban, ie. you must also not use snuff and chewing tobacco.

Information about the safety of students.

To access the building outside of opening hours, your access card must contain a PIN code and be set in advance. Please read Activation of SDU access card.

Lounge 81 is for all students at UC SYD and SDU. See facebook page

Technical Services

If you have questions or experience issues with the facilities, please contact Technical Services at For urgent or emergency contact, call 6550 8888. Emergency contact includes fire (here you must also call 112), running water, flooded basements and locked doors etc. Read more about Technical Services.

Last Updated 21.07.2021