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Reading room loans

Rare and costly items as well as Master’s theses may only be used in the library’s monitored reading rooms and are not available for use outside the library.

Patrons (SDU or not) who are suspended due to failure to return items or pay fees owed may only use the library’s books and materials in the library reading rooms.


At Campus Odense:

In Odense, the use takes place at the Special Collections Reading Room at Monday - Friday 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. 
Inquiry is made at the main counter or tel. 6550 2611.
Thesis' and materials from the vaults can only be accessed during the opening hours of the Special Collections Reading Room - or after special written agreement with the University Library. There will always be a library attendant present with the use of vault materials.
You will find the Special Collections Reading Room on the ground floor, to the left of the library's main entrance.
can also apply the University Library for a 24/7 access login to the Special Collections Reading Room via their employee card. Note that this login only gives access to the literature on the open shelves. Application for 24/7 access must be sent to:
The Special Collections Reading Room is closed on days without manned service. See Your Library - Odense.

Last Updated 28.05.2022