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International students

You can borrow as many books and other materials as you like from Danish libraries, free of charge.

The library is a natural part of your everyday life as a student. We offer a great number of free materials and services that will help you in your studies.

Come and see us if you have difficulties getting started. We can help you get started on your papers or projects - also in English.

The library has collections of books and periodicals that are relevant to your studies. As a student, you have remote access to all our electronic journals and databases.

On this page you will find links for guides and tutorials and more.

The library homepage gives access to the pages of other libraries, such as You can also order books from libraries in the rest of the world. The University Library also has collections of fiction, links to Danish language courses, and access to international media and newspapers from all over the world - all free of charge.

Visit the library, and we'll help you go on from there.

Last Updated 22.04.2024