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As an SDU student you are invited to make use of the library lockers. Due to limited availability, students may borrow only one locker at a time. Please note that the library accepts no liability for the contents of your borrowed locker.

Locker keys may be borrowed at the library front desk for a loan period of 5 months which may be extended provided there is no queue.

When the loan period is up, the locker key will be recalled. At this point you must empty the locker and return the key to the library.

Failure to return the key on time will result in a 2nd recall message and a late fee of DKK 25,00. If you do not return the key at this point, you will receive an invoice for DKK 325,00 covering the cost of replacement + an invoice fee.

At this point the lock will be replaced at the locker emptied. Any items left in the locker will be handed over to SDU Technical Services.

Last Updated 29.08.2023