Starting credits Engineering

You must apply for starting credits as soon as possible after having received the letter of acceptance, and no later than 1 October (1 March for students enrolled in February). It is advisable that you contact your programme coordinator to discuss the relevance of the passed courses, before you apply for credit transfer. Your programme coordinator can also advise you, whether you can start at another semester than the 1st semester. Regardless whether you start on 1st semester or not, we encourage you to participate in the study start programme, especially if you have not studied at SDU before.

You must apply for starting credits by filling out the application form “Application for Credit Transfer for courses passed in Denmark” or “Application for Credit Transfer for courses passed abroad”. The application forms are available here. Please send your application to the Academic Study Board,, by using your SDU-mail. Please attach course descriptions for the passed courses to your mail. The course descriptions must be in pdf-format. Please remember to read the “important information” on page 2 of the application form! Credits will only be transferred, provided that you present the original paper transcript of records (students in Odense: Secretariat of the Academic Study Board, room 510a in the new TEK-building, students in Sønderborg: study secretary Birgit Andersen, students in Kolding: study secretary Maria Anneberg Hansen). The transcript of records must be signed and/or stamped by the issuing university/educational institution. You can also send the transcript of records by registered post to:

University of Southern Denmark, Secretariat of the Academic Study Board of the Faculty of Engineering, Campusvej 55, DK-5230 Odense M, Denmark

You can submit/send the transcript of records after you have sent your application. However, your application will not be processed until we have seen the original paper transcript of records as well as the course descriptions for the courses, which are to be transferred. Please note that it is not necessary to submit/send transcript of records for study activities passed at University of Southern Denmark.

Your application for starting credits will be processed and decided by the Academic Study Board of the Faculty of Engineering. The Academic Study Board consists of lecturers and students, and it meets approx. once a month. You must send the complete application to at least 8 days prior to the meeting, where you wish your application to be processed. You can expect to receive the decision within 10 working days after the meeting. The decision will be sent to your SDU-mail.

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