International Internship - How to do it

As an engineering student you can decide to do your internship abroad. There are many reasons in favour of an internship abroad: you will achieve international experience; you will prove that you can manage on your own in a foreign country; you can update your language skills; and, last but not least, you will get an experience of a lifetime. In addition, as a graduated engineer, it is a good thing to be able to add internship in a foreign company or organisation to your CV.
An internship period abroad is a challenge both professionally and personally, and it is important to make time for both during your stay abroad.

However, first it is very important that you get started on finding an internship abroad.
Whether before, during or after your internship, there are numerous practical details and deadlines you must attend to. Therefore, read this page carefully - use it as a guide, where you can find links to relevant documents, and as a check list.
Like any other internet based information source, this page is updated regularly. Therefore, if you print this page as a check list, you should remember to review the actual page regularly to see if it has been altered.

Before the internship

  1. Start the preparations for your international internship at least 1 ½ years before, if you want to go overseas. Start 1 year before, if you want to stay within the EU. And remember to attend the Information Meeting on Internship and Study Abroad, which is held in Odense at the beginning of each semester.
  2. Then you must register at self service and contact your internship coordinator to be registered in the Blackboard group ‘Outgoing students’. As a member of the group, you get access to information relevant for outgoing students. Remember to make sure that you are registered with an e-mail address on Blackboard. If you study in Sønderborg, please contact Internship Coordinator Bente Olsen on email: or phone: +45 6550 1601.
  3. Read the Internship Concept
  4. You must be proactive and keep up to date in your search for an internship host. University of Southern Denmark has cooperation agreements with a number of international companies and organizations and can provide information hereof. Contact your internship coordinator if you need help in your search process.
  5. When you have come to an agreement with a company, you need to make a contract. Fill in the contract here. Once you have filled this in, it will automatically be sent to your internship coordinator and to your internship company. When it has been approved and you have been assigned an academic internship advisor from University of Southern Denmark, you will receive and email with a copy of your contract.
    Please be aware that you MUST sign up for the internship BEFORE you can fill in an internship contract (sign up via Student Self-Service), and that you will not be able to start your internship before a contract has been agreed on. Send an email to, if you have questions.
  6. Together with the internship company and your internship supervisor you must make an activity plan that reflects the main objectives of your internship period.
  7. In case your internship abroad is paid, you are not entitled to your Danish State Education Grant (SU) in that period of time.
    If your internship is unpaid, your SU will be transfered as long as you meet the conditions for study activity.
    For more information on your SU entitlements see here.
  8. Thus, be sure to clarify your financial situation before you go abroad. For example apply for scholarships.
  9. In addition to the obvious matters, you should also consider the following:
  • Where will you live during your internship abroad? Usually the company can help you find a residence or refer you to someone who can
  • Who looks after your things in Denmark?
  • Would you like to sublet your apartment?
  • What about insurance? (read more here)?
  • Do you need to issue a power of attorney?
  • How do you arrange your banking activities abroad (talk to your bank)?
  • Which vaccinations are necessary? Consider also the vaccinations that may be necessary if you want to travel after the internship
  • Will you need an international driver's license?

Read more about practical information here 

After the internship

1. After your internship, the internship company must fill in a ‘Declaration of Completion of Internship’ declaring whether your internship has been completed in accordance with the agreements you initially made. You will receive the declaration together with your contract and it must be handed in to your internship supervisor after the internship.

2. Following, you must write a report on your internship. The report must be handed in to your internship supervisor no later than 8 February / 11 August, depending on whether your internship was completed in the spring or autumn semester. The internship supervisor will subsequently inform you whether the report has been approved or whether it needs changes/additions. You will then have a week to make any changes and additions.

3. Approximately three weeks after the start of the semester following your internship period, a final evaluation will take place for students, internship coordinator and internship supervisors. Attendance is mandatory for students.

4. On the basis of your internship report and the final evaluation, the internship supervisor will assess whether your internship can be approved. The supervisor must communicate this to the STADS/ examination office no later than 20 March / 25 September