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The Students’ SDG Pool

Do you or your association have lots of good ideas for activities based on the UN’s SDGs? If so you can apply for funds in the The Students’ SDG Pool. The application deadline is October 1, 2020.

In order to give the students an opportunity to leave their stamp on the university, SDU’s executive board has decided to support the students’ work with sustainability and the UN’s 17 SDGs by setting up a pool, where all students and student associations can apply for funding.

The pool funds are targeted at:

  • student-based initiatives and activities that are
  • developed and run by SDU’s students and
  • aimed at working within the framework of the SDGs

Below you can read more about how to apply for funds in the SDG pool, and which activities the funds can be used for.

How to apply for a pool fund

There are one or two rounds of applications a year. The next round is expected to take place in October 2021.

However, you are welcome to send an application if you get a bright idea for an activity in the meantime. You can send it by e-mail to vores_verdensmå

Please tell us briefly about:

  • Your idea
  • The intended use of the funds
  • Who is the target group?
  • When the activities are implemented

We will subsequently contact you.

We encourage students from all SDU’s campuses to send applications.

Unfortunately, we cannot support entrepreneurship through this pool, but if you have an idea to start a company within sustainability you can contact SDU RIO. You can read about SDU RIO’s offer for students her e .

What can and can’t you apply for?

The funds must go directly to the work with the SDGs and can thus be used for:

  • Establishment costs – including the purchase of relevant equipment
  • Preparation of printed matter and other communication materials, e.g. posters, roll-ups, flyers, video etc.
  • Catering – primarily for public events
  • Hiring of equipment for dissemination use.

The funds may not be used for e.g.:

  • Remuneration of SDU staff
  • Administration
  • Subsiding of deficits
  • Fixed, recurring expenses
  • Transmission to associations and/or organisations outside of SDU

Previously supported projects

The students’ climate garden

The climate garden is a community and gathering point where students cross studies and educations can meet and exchange ideas and thoughts about the climate, the environment, sustainability and biodiversity. Garden events and workshops with the SDGs in focus will be held in the climate garden. The members can obtain their own pallet frame for a small amount and plant vegetables and herbs on the climate garden area. You can read more about the climate garden and become a member here.

Female Engineering Movement

FEM is a network for students and alumni from The Faculty of Engineering (TEK) at SDU. The association works on breaking the paradox that women in a society with general equality are under-represented in higher and leading positions and within companies and organisations that work with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). FEM holds regular meetings, workshops etc. and organises common participation in TEK-relevant events. You can read more about FEM here.

Podcast series: What are you actually researching ?

– What is really going on in all those small offices? We are taught by researchers, but what kind of research are they actually doing? It piques my curiosity, says Nina Aagaard Lükensmejer Pedersen, who is a student at the Department of Political Science and the initiator. The series must contribute to overcoming barriers between researchers and students and give an insight into the researchers work with sustainability and the SDGs.


”Rækværk” is an association for SDU students with handicaps or disabilities. The association has received funds for well-being promoting activities for the members. You can read more about “Rækværk” and become a member here.  

SDU runs together - individually

The student organisation “Syddanske Studerende”, The council for medical students “Medicinerrådet Odense” and SDU Moves held a common running event for SDU students and staff on 19-21 March 2021. The purpose was to increase the mental well-being during the COVID-19 shutdown of SDU but also to promote physical activities and motion among students and staff.

Comedy for welfare !

In the spring of 2021, FADL, Epstein and The council for medical students implemented a welfare campaign at the medicine study. Many medical students feel stressed and fail to thrive – and their conditions have deteriorated during COVID-19. The campaign was initiated by an evening with standup comedy and three online evening events with focus on social intercourse, well-being and opportunities to get help and tools to battle stress and failure to thrive.

See the supported projects, spring 2020

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