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Why does SDU work with the SDGs?

At SDU, we remain strongly committed to a more sustainable future for the generations to come.

Universities have a critical role to play in providing answers to major societal challenges. In our time, the greatest societal challenges of all are related to a sustainable future and sustainable development. Universities generate new knowledge and innovation that provide solutions to the interconnected social, economic, and environmental challenges captured by the SDGs.

SDU’s contribution is embedded in the way we practice research: as a classic research-intensive university founded on deep academic knowledge, and as a modern university seeking holistic solutions through interdisciplinary research projects. The knowledge needed to address the wicked problems of sustainability often require interdisciplinary research that synthesises insights from two or more disciplines. 

Our strategic focus is on supporting initiatives that promote sustainability as a theme for inter- and transdisciplinary research and collaboration. 

It’s important to stress, that SDU views academic freedom as an essential prerequisite for the independence, quality, and legitimacy of research – and thus also the University’s opportunities to contribute in response to today’'s great societal challenges. 

Universities equip students with the knowledge and skills that enable them to contribute to creating a sustainable future. At SDU, academic competencies such as critical thinking, systems thinking, integrated problem-solving etc., combined with a strong in-depth professionalism, give our graduates a strong starting point in taking an active part in the sustainable transition.

Our strategic focus is on expanding the offers to students who want to improve their skills in relation to sustainability.

The role of universities in sustainable development extends beyond their role in research and teaching. Institutions also contribute to sustainability through their policies and practice, and increasingly institutions everywhere are working hard to ensure continuous improvement and lead by example.

SDU is committed to embedding sustainability in all our campus operations to conserve resources, reduce pollution, reduce carbon emissions, and support positive behaviour on sustainability issues. We also want to ensure that SDU is a diverse employer with innovative and creative research environments and an inclusive and healthy working environment.

Editing was completed: 16.02.2020