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Your education for a sustainable future

SDU aims to educate students to become sustainable citizens of the future. As a student, you therefore have the opportunity to get involved in sustainability work and work on the UN's 17 SDGs. On this page you will find information about sustainable events during your period of study. You can also find information if you want to know to get involved with the SDGs or sustainability in other ways.

SDU wishes to work with all 17 SDGs while respecting the individual’s freedom of research and consequently the right to choose the subject and method of research in agreement with the University Act.

This means that in relation to education and lifelong learning we:

  • Provide students with education in knowledge, skills and motivation to work with the sustainability challenges behind the UN's SDGs.
  • Mobilise and engage young people in working with the UN’s SDGs.

Propositions from the SDG HUB

Propositions for the institutions

Last Updated 20.09.2023