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Are you very enthusiastic about sustainability? And do you want to make a difference together with other students? Then this is your opportunity to become a certified sustainability agent at SDU’s sustainability academy.

This is what you get out of your participation

Participation in the academy will strengthen your competences to act on future sustainability challenges and get access to network with other SDU students as well as e.g. experts, researchers, politicians and businessmen in relation to the sustainability agenda.

During the week you will work on e.g. fundraising, project management, networking and communication and you will get tools to make an impact with your messages. These competences are not only relevant in relation to sustainability but are also demanded from the future labour market.

In addition, participation in the academy gives you a chance to realise your idea through funding from SDU’s SDG pool. When the week is out, you have become a certified sustainability agent and are ready to go out and act on the SDGs.

The participation is non-compulsory and not ECTS counting.

What is the content of the week? 

At the academy you will participate in workshops facilitated by Center for Væredygtighed, Worlds Best News, Sager der Samler and inspiring personalities as Roxana Kia who will give you tools to get through with your sustainable message. 
You will visit 
Fyens Stiftstidende and Odense Renovation. At this location you will participate in workshops about the good debate and how you can make political change. You will also meet Tuborg Fondet, Odense Kommune and scientists as well as experts from SDU.


Who are you?

In our opinion, it is important with diversity to meet the challenges behind the SDGs. So, we encourage everybody no matter background or study to apply to the academy. The only claim is that you are a student at SDU. In addition to this, we imagine that you:
  • are passionate about sustainability and motivated to make a positive change in the world together with other students.
  • are willing to share your ideas, experience etc. with the other participants and will give feedback on the other students’ ideas.
  • are prepared to spend a week of your summer holidays on a funny, inspiring and meaningful experience.

The academy takes place in Danish.

Admission requirements

Send a brief motivated application via the application form. See yellow box. 

Please send us your application by 5 June 2021. You will receive an answer on 10 June 2021. There is a limited number of positions so send us your application today.

Implementation of the academy

The academy will be carried through with base at SDU’s campus in Odense, but it will also include visits to companies and organisations in Odense.

If you live outside Odense, we would be happy to help you find accommodation in Odense.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions, please write to Project Manager Morten Ploug Henriksen via e-mail

Application deadline exceeded

In Danish


Last Updated 08.06.2021