If illness prolongs your studies
If illness prolongs the time you need to complete your studies then it is a very good idea to speak with a student counsellor who knows about all of the rules and the practices at the University of Southern Denmark. Prolonging your time as a student by one or two semesters is not a problem for some courses. But some courses are extremely strict when it comes to the duration of your studies, so if your course is one of these then you have to take some precautions before you fall behind in your work.

Illness is taken into consideration
In general, a university will take illness into consideration and you will often receive exemptions for deadlines if your illness can be documented. Remember that psychological problems, traumatic experiences, difficult courses of illness or deaths of close relatives etc. can be categorised as illness.

Grants (SU) and illness
The main rule is this: Students who are ill must above all continue to be supported by their grant (SU) and be able to use the support that it provides. If your time as a student has been extended because of illness, you can apply for extra grants (SU) equivalent to the length of time you have been delayed. See your SU contact if you fall behind because of illness.

Examinations and illness
Did you become ill at the time of your examinations? Or were you badly affected by an extreme and unforeseen event?

If illness has prevented you from taking a test, your examination attempt will be annulled and you will have the chance to sit an ‘illness test’. The same applies if you have been badly affected by unforeseen and sudden, extreme events, such as a death in the family. Read here to learn about the rules regarding illness and examinations.

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