Illness during examination

Illness during oral examination

If you become ill during an oral examination, you need to notify the examiner of this, before you get informed of your grade. You cannot expect your exam attempt to be cancelled if you tell the examiner (and any external examiner) that you were ill during the exam, after you have received your grade.


Illness during a written examination

If you become ill during a written campus-based examination, you first need to contact the invigilator. You and the invigilator need to sign a statement that the examination was interrupted due to illness. You are not allowed to hand anything in for assessment. If you hand anything in for assessment, you cannot expect your exam attempt to be annulled.


If you become ill during a written take-home assignment

If you fall ill when preparing a take home assignment – e.g. a 24-hour-assignment, bachelor's project, master's thesis etc., you must immediately contact your study programme secretariat. After this, it will be decided whether the exam has been interrupted because of illness, or whether a deadline extension for the submission of the take home assignment will suffice.


Contact your doctor no later than the day of the examination

If you are prevented from taking one of the above mentioned examinations because of illness  you must immediately  contact your doctor and request an acute consultation in order to acquire documentation for your illness in the forn af a doctor’s certificate. If your doctor has closed, you need to send them an e-mail and request a consultation as soon as possible. Read more about doctor’s certificates here.

Remember that it’s your responsibility to obtain a doctor’s certificate as soon as possible. This means that you need to notify your doctor that you need an acute consultation and that you, by the examination date at the latest, need to have requested this acute consultation.


Documentation for illness needs to be sent to Registration and Legality

You need to send your notification of illness and documentation of the illness (a doctor’s certificate) to Registration & Legality at SDU via

If you notification of illness and the doctor's certificate meet the requirements for notification of illness during examinations, you will be registered as ill during the examination in question and the will not count as an examination attempt.


Subsequently you need to sign up for a re-exam in the subject

Subsequently, you have the possibility of signing up for a re-exam in the subject. You can read more about re-examination here


Do you need support? 

Contact Registration and Legality if you have any questions regarding the above mentioned rules. You can do this either via or by calling at 65501059 (between 10 a.m. and 12 a.m.).


Contact Student Services if you have questions about SU, Admission, SDU international, Syddansk Elite,  SPS and other services at SDU.

Contact the counselling at your studies if you need specific knowledge related to your study eg. knowledge about your study plan or how to write a dispensation application.

Contact the General Study counselling if you need guidance concerning general study topics such as study techniques, well-being or simply just find it hard to know who to go to with your questions. 

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