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Students with permanent disabilities
Students with permanent disabilities can apply for Special Educational Support (SPS) if they are enrolled in a full-time study programme. Support is given to students with disabilities in order to ensure that they can complete a programme on equal terms with their fellow students.

The legal basis for Special Educational Support (SPS).

How to obtain support
Support is given in the form of a grant from the Ministry of Children and Education. The university applies for support on behalf of students so they must contact an SPS counsellor if they wish to apply. The type of support provided depends on the disability in question, but it could take the form of various aid facilities and of ancillary teaching. It is not possible to obtain support in the form of money or treatment and support is only available in connection with the course or programme itself. Support can therefore not be granted for transport, for example. You can read more about the type of support typically made available to students with various types of disability at SPSU's website.

Documentation, such as a doctor's certificate, for the disability in question must be produced in order to obtain support. Students are responsible for obtaining the necessary documentation from their own doctor, from a specialist or other medical expert. Support cannot be granted on the basis of a declaration from a caseworker, for instance, a sociologist or a physiotherapist, but such a declaration would be suitable as supplementary documentation as these people will often know most about the practical consequences of the disability for the person in question.

Read more about the information that a doctor's certificate should contain.

More information
The SPS coordinator at the university applies for SPS on students' behalf.

If you need more information, you are welcome to contact Karoline Pinholt and Pia Cohen at Elite and Support, Study Services, on telephone number 6550 1800 or by e-mail to You can also contact them in person.

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