Special support for disability and impairment

Special Educational Support (SPS)
The purpose of SPS is to help students with a disability or an impairment to complete a course of higher education on equal terms with others as far as possible. Support is granted on the basis of a specific application and comes either in the form of special educational aids or as assistance in the form of support for a study programme, for attending classes or for examinations.

Support is individual and can involve special furniture, for instance, practical help, a sign language interpreter, courses, IT aids, secretarial help or a course of counselling. SPS can only be granted for circumstances directly connected with your programme, so you cannot obtain help with living expenses or transport.

Target groups for Special Educational Support (SPS):

Students who receive SPS often also need to apply for exemptions during their studies – in connection with examinations, for instance. If you need exemption from the rules that apply to your programme, such as sitting examinations, you must apply to your Academic Study Board. As the Academic Study Board has academic responsibility for your programme, it is also authorised to grant exemptions from the rules. You can obtain help and guidance in connection with applying for exemptions in connection with your programme from the Counselling centre or from an SPS counsellor. 

Terms for obtaining support
You must contact an SPS counsellor at Elite & Support to obtain support. Together, you will assess your needs and the possibility of obtaining support. An SPS counsellor will also forward an application for support on your behalf to the Quality and Supervisory Board.

In by far the majority of cases, you will be required to document your need for support in the form of a doctor's certificate or similar. If you do not have a doctor's certificate, you can still contact an SPS counsellor and, with her help, find out what other options you may have. Finally, you should note that you must be enrolled in a full-time programme and be eligible for a State Education Grant (SU) to be entitled to apply for support.

How long are you entitled to receive SPS?
You are entitled to receive SPS for the number of months that corresponds to the standard study period for your programme plus twelve months – in total 70 months. If the standard study period for your programme plus twelve months exceeds 70 months, the period will automatically be extended. You can also apply for an extension if your studies have been delayed due to circumstances connected with your disability.
Read more about how long you are entitled to receive SPS here.

Supplementary disability grant
You can apply for a supplementary disability grant as a student with a permanent physical disability. You will be eligible for a supplementary grant if your disability makes it difficult or impossible for you to take a student job in addition to your studies. To be eligible for a supplementary grant you must be able to document that your disability is permanent and that you receive either SU or a completion loan.
You can read more about the rules for supplementary disability grants here.

If you are not already enrolled at the university and are considering whether to apply for support in connection with your study programme
If you are thinking about applying for enrolment at the University of Southern Denmark and are considering whether to apply for SPS, it will be a good idea to state that you may need to apply for support as soon as you are enrolled.
You can do this via e-mail to optag@sdu.dk, or you can contact Elite & Support at sps@sdu.dk. If you already have a doctor's certificate you should also attach a copy.
If you need more information about whether you can obtain support, for instance, you can contact an SPS counsellor who will also be able to tell you whether you might be able to apply for exemption in connection with your application for enrolment. You can do this if your disability has had an influence on your grade point average or on your opportunity to qualify for enrolment via quota 2.
It will be a good idea to apply before 15 March even if you have a high grade point average because this will make it possible for staff to prepare the support you may be eligible for before your study programme begins.

Finally, you should know that every effort is made at the university to provide students with a need for support with an advance undertaking that they have been enrolled as early as the beginning of July so that the necessary support can be arranged before the beginning of the academic year.

More information
If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact SPS counsellors Karoline Pinholt and Pia Cohen at Elite and Support on telephone number 6550 1800 or by e-mail to sps@sdu.dk. You can also contact them in person.

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