IT for Students at the Faculty of Engineering

User Set-Up
When you have been admitted at the University of Southern Denmark you will be registered in the student administrative system called STADS. The system is also used to register registrations for courses, exams and grades.
Based on the information in STADS, the IT-service automatically sets up a User ID with user name and access code, which will be sent to you by mail. They also establish an email address in the following name:
Your User ID gives access to email, e-learning (Blackboard), Student Self-Service, print/copying machines, the wireless network and the Windows systems.

At you can administer your User ID yourself and access the various systems. At present, this site is in Danish only. For information on how to change your password, please refer to Password. Please note, that the IT Department cannot give up user name and access code.

You can read your emails at or, where you can also find a user guide.

E-learning (Blackboard)
You can enter Blackboard directly on or, where you can find a link to a guide (at present, this site is in Danish only).
In case of any problems relating to email, Blackboard or self service, you can contact the support function of IT-service called Servicedesk.

Wireless Network
The wireless network shared by the whole university provides access to the internet, incl. email and Blackboard. The wireless network is the same as on the rest of the University of Southern Denmark and access requires user name and password (same as for your email).


Access to Computer and Terminal Rooms
In many places, access to computer and terminal rooms require the use of access cards and for this you must use your study card.
Before the card can work as an access card, you must choose a PIN code. This is done by swiping the card through one of the readers which are located by the exterior doors. You must pick a code of four digits and following the card can be used in computer and terminal rooms as well.

Use of Computer and Terminal Rooms
To use the Windows workstations in computer and terminal rooms you must give your user name and access code. For students, the domain is SDU. If you need to access other networks you will be informed on access by the relevant instructors.

Personal Data
As a student at the Faculty of Engineering you can store data either in Blackboard or on a file server at IT-service. Data on Blackboard can be reached from any place with Internet access. The personal data can be reached from all computer and terminal rooms. The data will be indicated with an M disk drive in the path finder on all Windows workstations. The ’Path’ to personal data is \\\dfs\data\stud-brugerdata

Common data (only access from the SDU network)
We recommend you to use BlackBoard for sharing information and data with others. In cases where BlackBoard is negated, there is created a common storage place where students have read access. Access is obtained by using the 'Run' command under 'Start' in Windows and type the following: \\\DFS\data\share