Log onto e-learn.sdu.dk (Blackboard) using the login-spot to the right.

When you have logged on, you find yourself in the ‘Courses’ area. ‘Courses’, ‘My Page’ and ‘Content System’ are the three main sections in Blackboard. You navigate between these main areas by clicking on the tabs on the top.

My page is your personal area in Blackboard. Here you find all the functions in the submenu which has a personal link to your as a user: SDUmail, Self-Service and Adobe Connect.

On the subpage My Page itself, you will find modules with e.g. ordbogen.com and Mit Stamblad (SDU profile), and you can add more modules from the list of available modules.

If you need assistance ....
If you have problems logging onto e-learn.sdu.dk, please contact your Servicedesk. Students in Odense may as well go to the Student Services desk at "Campustorv".

Download the quick guide in spot to the right of the screen.Once you have logged onto e-learn.sdu.dk, you can get help by clicking on the tab "Help".