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You can already log in to the system via  
From around 15 January, you will be able to find all subjects starting on 1 February in itslearning. 

What about exams?

All exams conducted in connection with the autumn semester (winter exams in January) are conducted in the Digital Exam (DE) system. Subjects and academic material for the 2020 autumn semester are still available in Blackboard.

What about my old material?

It is your responsibility to download academic material currently available in Blackboard if you wish to continue to use it after 1 February. This must be done before 31 August 2021. 

How to get started?

How to access ItsLearning

This guide inclueds help to: 

  • Download Itslearning App
  • Find your courses
  • Find your course material
  • Troubleshooting

Read guide here.

Communicate with teacher/fellow student
This guide shows you how to communicate with your teacher and fellow students in itslearning:
1. Via the messaging system 
2. Via comments on announcements
3. And adhere to a good netiquette

Read guide here

Create Projects

Everyone can create Projects in itslearning and invite participants. You can communicate and collaborate in Projects and share files with each other. You can also create events which will appear in your itslearning calendar. You cannot create learning activities such as tasks or tests in Projects. 

Projects are not visible in the itslearning smartphone app. 

Here is a brief overview of: 

  • Creating Projects 
  • Inviting participants  
  • Accepting the invitation  
  • Roles 

Read guide here.

Download Course Materials

Here is a brief overview of:

  • How to download a topic as pdf-file
  • How to download a plan as pdf-file
  • How to download a file 

Read guide here.

Attendance registration

Attendance registration is part of some courses. Attendance registration may for instance be a part of an exam or constitute an exam. Your teacher can ask you to register your attendance via itslearning.

This guide includes information about:

  • How to register your attendance on your computer
  • How to register your attendance via the itslearning app
  • How to get an overview of your attendance in a specific course

See guide here

Submit assignment

This tutorial shows you where and how to submit an assignment in Itslearning.

Read guide here

Answering assignments (quizzes, tests, essays)

This tutorial covers where and how to answer assignments in Itslearning as a student.

Read the guide here.

How to use discussion forums

Discussion forums are used for several different purposes in a course. Among other things, it gives the student the opportunity to reflect on a topic, join discussions with other students, ask the teacher questions etc.

As a student, you have the opportunity to view and participate in discussions in the itslearning app.

Here is a brief overview of how to:

  • Join discussion forums in your course room
  • Create discussion forums in a project room
Read guide here

Are you still having technical issues, or are you experiencing technical errors in itslearning?
Please contact / 6550 2990

Do you have questions about the content of your courses?
Please contact your teacher.

Can you not see your courses etc.?
Please contact the secretary of your study. Find information on your study page.


Use "login with office 365""


Download itslearning app! 

  • Search for the app in App Store (iPhone and iPad) or Google Play (Android)
  • Search for SDU
  • Log in with your SDU email and password
  • Remember to allow notifications and connect to your calendar to get the most out of the app!
Personal settings

Modify language, notification etc.