The University of Southern Denmark’s rule set for written examinations

Generel conditions

This set of rules applies to all written examinations. An examination is characterised by your physical attendance at a predetermined place and time where you will, under supervision, be assigned a task which must be completed and submitted by you alone within a given time frame. All written examinations are undertaken on your own computer, unless you have been informed otherwise in the specific provisions for your examination.

Participation in this type of exam implies full acceptance of the conditions of this rule set.

Pre-exam preparation

When using your own computer, please check - no later than one week before the exam- whether it can access SDU’s wireless network (Eduroam), and whether it can launch the programs to be used in the examination in question (e.g. Exam Monitor, Exam 4, Respondus Lockdown). In the event of difficulties, contact your local IT Department, student services or IT service at or on tel. + 65 50 29 90

Certain exams may require the drawing of graphs, equations, written characters etc. which are easiest done by hand. This requirement will be made clear in the information given prior to the course or at the start of the course. There may be a requirement that you digitise your handwritten work. We recommend that you acquire a digital pen or handheld scanner for this purpose. On our page about digital handwriting you can read more about digital pens and handheld scanners, and what will be made available to you if your own device malfunctions and you need to borrow a digital pen or handheld scanner during the exam.

Exam start

You must arrive an hour before the examination begins, unless otherwise stated. If you arrive after the doors have been closed, you will not be allowed to enter. If you arrive late for the exam, you will only be allowed to enter if the exam supervisor permits it. In this case, you will not be given extra exam time.

If the exam is to be taken without supplementary materials then all outerwear (coats, jackets etc.) and bags/folders are to be placed out of reach.

Mobile telephones, digital/smart watches, iPods and other music players may not be used during the exam and must be surrendered to the exam invigilator unless otherwise indicated.

Devices such as iPads and tablets that cannot run Exam Monitor are not permitted unless otherwise stipulated.

When you arrive at the examination room, set up your computer and make sure that it works. You alone are responsible for the setup of your computer. If you need to use Exam Monitor, Exam 4, Respondus Lockdown or Blackboard you must launch these programs and ensure they work correctly. At each desk there is a mains socket for three-pin plugs, bring your own extension cord that should be at least three meters long. It is not permitted to share equipment.

Setting up IT equipment in the exam room must be completed no later than 15 minutes before the examination starts.

The exam room doors will be closed either 15 or 30 minutes before the exam starts. Check the provisions of the individual exam to find the correct time.

Remember your student ID card. Before the exam begins, you must identify yourself by means of your student ID card so that invigilators can register your attendance. During the examination your student ID must be visibly displayed on your desk.

Before the exam begins, the exam invigilators will give oral directions.

If Exam Monitor is to be used during the exam, you must launch this program before the exam begins and at the latest when the invigilator requests you to do so. Before the exam begins you must show the invigilators that Exam Monitor is running on your computer.

At the start of the exam the assignment instructions will be distributed, either digitally or in printed form.

During the examination

The invigilator may be called during the examination by raising your hand.

  • You may only leave the examination room when accompanied by an invigilator. When using the toilet, you must use the toilet indicated by the exam invigilator.
  • Canteen visits are not permitted.
  • Smoking is not permitted.
  • During the first half hour and the last half hour of the examination period it is not permitted to exit the room.

It is permitted to use supplementary materials and the Internet to the extent that this is stipulated in the specific provisions for each examination. During the examination it is not permitted to borrow materials from other examinees. During the examination it is not permitted to exchange information with, or contact in any way, other examinees or persons outside of the examination room. Use of headphones is not permitted unless specified as part of the examination, or if you have been given special dispensation.

The specific provisions for each exam can be found in your study program, course description, course space in Blackboard or on your course webpage.

If Exam monitor is to be used it must be running on your computer throughout the entire examination.

The assignment must always be completed on the assigned basis and the teacher/examiner may only be summoned if the wording of the assignment is ambiguous or if errors are discovered in the assignment. If errors are discovered or questions of doubt arise, all examinees present at the examination will be informed, in order to ensure the same exam conditions for everyone.

The teacher/examiner may not be summoned simply because an examinee doubts whether he/she has understood the assignment correctly, because he/she does not understand some words (if necessary, bring a current Danish dictionary, although this is not permitted for examinations without supplementary materials) or to request assistance with resolving the assignment.

You are responsible for your IT equipment during the exam and for regularly saving your assignment work, including the production of backup copies, unless this is part of the system’s functionality.

The University emphasises that should you suffer data loss (written text disappears) as a result of failure to save and make backup copies, you are still required to complete the examination, regardless of loss of data.

If problems arise with your computer that cannot be resolved by you or IT support, you may continue the examination using the University’s IT equipment.

During the examination, if a power failure, network outage or other external issue affecting the use of IT equipment occurs that cannot be remedied/resolved an exam invigilator will immediately confer with the exam supervisor who will decide on the exam’s continuation.

Conclusion of the examination

The exam invigilators will announce when there is a half hour remaining for the exam.

The assignment paper must be completed by the end of the examination and must then be submitted immediately. You must write your exam number on the assignment paper; if other information is required, you will be notified before the examination.

All material must be submitted digitally. For further details consult the specific provisions for each examination.

After submission, you must present the receipt of submission to the invigilator on your computer screen, following which you may close Exam Monitor/Exam4/Respondus Lockdown and your computer.

You may not leave your place before the receipt of submission has been approved by the invigilators.

If you leave the examination before it is concluded you may not take your computer, mobile telephone, assignment instructions or other items from the exam room. You may collect these when the exam is concluded.

You must vacate the room in an orderly fashion so that examinees with extended exam periods are disturbed as little as possible.


On the webpage for Illness and exams you can read what to do if you fall ill before or during an examination.

Sanctions for exam cheating

If the provisions of this set of rules are violated, including by the use of devices other than those permitted, this will be deemed exam cheating and the rules on disciplinary action against students at University of Southern Denmark will enter into force.

The University carries out regular spot checks of whether non-permitted assistance is being used.


If you have extra equipment, such as, for example, special programs, headset or scanner pen, you must bring written documentation of your dispensation from your board of studies (Studienævn) and, if necessary, a letter of authorisation from the Students’ Grants and Loans Scheme (Statens Uddannelsesstøtte).

If you have special dispensation for an examination you must bring it and show it to the invigilators.

If you have dispensation for special furniture, which requires "moving assistance", you must notify Technical Services at no later than 8 days before the exam is held.

Set of rules approved by the Director of Studies on 28 June 2016

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