Examination regulations at SDU

Your responsibility as a student
As a student at the University of Southern Denmark, you must comply with the rights and responsibilities which follow from the regulations that apply to students at the University of Southern Denmark. Your responsibilities include keeping abreast on examination regulations, sure to bring your student ID in order to prove your identity at all exams, observe and comply with the rules relating to time limits for registration and withdrawal etc.

On the following pages it is described how exams are conducted, and what you, as a student, must do before, during and after an exam. You can also find information about the first-year examination and regulations about what to do in the case of illness. Furthermore, you can find information about Master thesis regulations.

General and specific regulations
There are several different forms of examination, and therefore it is important that you keep abreast with the requirements pertaining to each form of examination. You are advised first to read the general regulations to be found on these pages. You also have to keep abreast with the more specific regulations and procedures that apply to your study programme. Of particular interest may be submission deadlines, use of PC and other aids, and of course the specific academic requirements for each exam. The specific regulations can be found in your curriculum or on your study programme's website. Your student counsellor can answer questions about this.

The University Act and the related ministerial orders, including the Order on Admission, the Order on Bachelor and Master's Programmes at Universities, the Order on Examinations and the Order on the Grading Scale constitutes the framework for the conducting of exams at the University of Southern Denmark.

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