Course registration

If you are to start on a bachelor programme

Registration for courses at the 1st semester of the bachelor programme, takes place automatically. However, we recommend that you go to your Student Self Service and inform you of the courses we have registered you for. If you believe that an error has occurred, please contact Registration & Legality via SPOC

If you are to start on a master's programme or minor subject

If you are about to commence a minor subject or a master’s programme, you may not be able to register to courses to the new programme within the period. Please find further instruction here

Change an elective

You are allowed to change an elective within the first 21 days of each term. It requires that:

  1. the new elective has the same amount of ECTS, as the elective you wish to change
  2. the elective is not oversubscribed
  3. the elective can be a part of your curriculum
  4. you have not been enrolled to the elective in a previous semester

On your programme homepage you can find an overview of the subjects offered in the coming semester.

You will have to register for the master’s thesis, the bacherlor’s project and individual activities if you are going to partake in any of these in the coming semester.

Registration periods

You can sign up for courses by using the Student Self Service portal. You can sign up for courses in the following periods:

  • For the fall semester: 20.-30. May
  • For the spring semester: 20.-30. November

Signing up for a course is the same as signing up for an exam. In other words, once you have signed up for a course, you are automatically signed up for exams in that course.

Your registration is binding. You can only deregister a course or exam if  extraordinary conditions are evident.

If it is not possible for you to sign up via the Student Self Service portal in the given period or if you experience problems, you should send an email to Registration & Legality via SPOC.

Any other queries about signing up for courses can also be addressed to Registration & Legality via SPOC.

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