Study Progress

Who do the rules apply to?
The rules apply for all students in bachelor, profession bachelor and Master’s studies at SDU. Depending on your time of registration different interim arrangements can apply.

What do the rules cover?

  1. Registration to courses and exams
    The rules describe how to register for courses and exams from now on and what consequences there are when a registration has been completed.
  2. Student activity (requirement to pass exams)
    The rules describe how many ECTS you as a minimum must pass during the course of a study year in order to be eligible to continue in your studies.
  3. Latest completion of bachelor and master’s degrees (time limits)
    The rules establish a time limit for when you must have completed your study programme at the latest. If you do not abide to this time limit, then you will be discharged from your study programme.

Do you need a quick overview over all the changes? Then click here for our fact sheet

What opportunities for exemptions do I have?
You can apply to your Academic Study Board for exemption for a number of the ules, if extraordinary conditions apply.

You can read more about the possibilities for exemption at this page.

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