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University smoking policy

Where can I smoke?

Smoking is prohibited in any indoor area of the university, and in vehicles belonging to the university.
Smoking includes tobacco of all kinds – also the use of e-cigarettes. 
The smoking ban is also enforced at special occasions like receptions, parties or similar taking place at the facilities of the university.

Smoking outdoors is allowed only in the designated outdoor "smoking shelters" and is prohibited anywhere else.

The smoking ban is indicated by a general prohibition, as well as signs of places where smoking is allowed (smoking-shelters / ryger-ly). 

Violation of the smoking ban can be reprimanded by all with an appeal to respect the smoking ban. 
Employees can, in case of repeated offenses, face disciplinary sanctions in accordance with the personnel policy of the university.

Students’ violation of the smoking ban can be treated in accordance with the “Policy on disciplinary actions against students of University of Southern Denmark” from February 2010.

Here is where you find the designated outdoor “smoking-shelters” (ryger-ly) at your campus:

Campusvej, Odense

Campuskort med angivelse af Ryger-lyenes placering

Winsløwparken, Odense

Kort over rygerly i Winsløwparken

Kolding campus:

Slagelse campus

Sønderborg campus:

Last Updated 15.12.2020