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How to book a room


What to do if you need to borrow a classroom. 


It is possible to borrow a classroom, “The Friday Bar” area, Canteen II and Canteen 4.
During the daytime it is free of charge to borrow the facilities.

When it comes to different kinds of events SDU can also help you with the facilities.
Please note that you have to pay a deposit and pay for at least two hours cleaning.

It is also necessary to sign a contract and pay the deposit in advance. For further information please contact the Students´Shop.

The deposit for renting a classroom is between DKK 1000-5000 depending on the size of the room.
2 hours cleaning DKK 500 (is allways deducted from the deposit)+ taxes.

For further information please contact Bo Christensen, phone 6550 2900 or email  .


How to book a room
If you need  a room for teaching/studying/group work etc. you search and book the room using this link

Please note that you can only booke for 1 week in advance
If you have any questions please call this number 6550 2900.

Guides here.

If the room is not in use within the first hour of your booking, then the booking will be cancelled and can freely be booked on other hand. We reserve the right to amend your booking.

Last Updated 23.10.2017