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Exchange overseas

General information

If you want to study outside of Europe, you can apply for one of our overseas exchange places. If you get a place, you will automatically be awarded a grant from the university's Internationalisation Fund.

There is a high demand for overseas exchange places, especially in the Anglo-Saxon countries and therefore we cannot always accommodate all applicants. It is therefore recommended that you consider multiple exchange places when you apply.

It is possible to go on overseas exchange through SDU both at your bachelor degree and at your master degree. Maximum one semester during each degree.

At some of our overseas partners it is stated that "Study Abroad" is an option. This means that SDU students can get a discount if they choose to study as a fee paying student. The "Study Abroad" option can be an opportunity in case you did not get the "free" exchange place, but are willing to pay to go to the university in question.

In case your application for the overseas exchange is rejected you will still have time to do a self-arranged study abroad period.


Current application round - deadline 1 November, 2020:

From the autumn of 2020, the European and the overseas application rounds have been gathered in one single application round. Therefore, it will now be possible to apply for both overseas and European exchange in one application. The deadline is 1 November, 2020.

Overseas Exchange Places 2021/2022 (pdf)

Please note that partner agreements vary, meaning that some only cover specific faculties or even study programmes.  It is  important that you consider which exchange places are actually available to you based on your study area.


Important documents

Below you can find important documents that you will need in connection to your exchange.

* Learning agreement is not mandatory documentation for SDU International, but it might be required by some partner universities.