By participating in the study environment suervey, you were automatically enrolled in the draw for a number of big prizes: 

  • 1 x iPhone Xs 64 gb black
  • 2 x 1 festival partout tickets
  • 40 x 2 cinema tickets

Click here to see if you are among the winners

All the winners were selected by simple random draw immediately after the survey. All winners are now contacted directly via their SDU-mail. Please nota that you must pay tax on any prize you win. You will have to report this to SKAT yourself. All winners get the opportunity to let the prize carry over to a new draw.

Win money for your study environment

In connection with the survey on study environment at SDU, Vice-chancellor Henrik Dam announced an additional competition in which all programmes had the chance to win money for their study environment.  The winners were:

  • Large programmes: Biomedicin bachelor.
  • Medium-sized prorgammes: Diplomingeniør i integreret design bachelor.
  • Small programmes: Civilingeniør i fysik og teknologi bachelor.

All programmes were divided into three categories, with DKK 5.000 being distributed to small programmes, DKK 10.000 to medium-sized programmes, and DKK 15.000 to large programmes. One winner was drawn in each category. To participate in the draw, your programme had to achieve a total response rate of at least 60% on 6 March. You can see the winners here. 

What the money can be used for

The money can be used for a professional or social event in your faculty. This could be, for example, a guest lecturer, a shared meal, or something completely different - it is up to the winner to decide! The prize money will be handed over to your Head of Studies, who, together with your faculty, will come to an agreement regarding what you want to spend the money on. 

Which category is our programme in?

The programmes are divided into three categories in order to avoid programmes with larger numbers of registered students competing with studies with few registered students. Here you can see which category your programme comes under.

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