Focus areas

The faculties and central administration have decided on which areas to focus on in the forthcoming action plans. The focus areas are based on the themes from the report. The areas are showed below. Read a summary of the university report here.

Central administration

 In the future work on action plans the central administration will have an overall focus on the students’ well-being. In addition, the focus will also be on information and communication, IT conditions and physical surroundings.

The Faculty of Science

 The Faculty of Science have decided to focus on how information to the students about courses can be optimized. The faculty will also be focusing on how conditions regarding teaching rooms and pause areas can be improved.

The Faculty of Engineering

 The Faculty of Engineering will give attention to social and academic events, availability of group rooms, the condition of toilets regarding the cleanliness, stress and everyday well-being. Furthermore, they will consider how introduction and information about safety in laboratories and workshops can be improved.

The Faculty of Business and Social Science

 The Faculty of Business and Social Science have identified well-being, study activity, good forms of cooperation and relations, academic and social event and information and communication as their points of attention.

The Faculty of Health Science

In preparation of action plans, The Faculty of Business and Social Science will focus on study activity and delay, well-being, stress and loneliness and information and communication.

The Faculty of Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities have decided to keep a continuous focus on information and communication, study intensity, learning methods and stress and well-being.