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Every other year, SDU conducts a study environment survey (SES) with a focus on the students’ experience of the physical, mental, and aesthetic educational environment.


In the period 2 to 21 March, SES 2021 was completed among all full-time students at SDU.

The survey contains several questions that together will provide a picture of how the students evaluate the study environment at SDU. Among other things, into the experience of academic and social events, stress and loneliness, availability of information, and much more.

More than 9.000 students have responded to the survey!

The survey ended with a great overall response rate of 45.6%


The results will now be analyzed and subsequently action plans will be prepared to improve the study environment even more at SDU.

Response rate

See the response rate by campus, faculty, and programmes. 


Everyone who participated in the Study Environment Survey participated in the draw for:

  • 10 x Airpods
  • 40 x Cinema tickets for 2

In addition, Rector Henrik Dam announced an extra competition where all programmes had the chance to win money for their study environment.

Read more about the competitions.


We are aware that due to the corona pandemic, things are not as they used to be for the students. It’s important to be able to follow the development in replies over time. Therefore, most questions are the same as in previous years’ study environment surveys.

In this way, we can see what has changed and what the corona restrictions have meant for the study environment. In the subsequent analyses of the replies, this special situation will be taken into account.

Previous surveys


Since 2004, SDU has conducted a total of seven study environment surveys. 

Read more about the previous surveys.