New investigation of unwanted sexual behaviour towards students at Danish universities

By Bolette Marie Kjær Jørgensen,

1,194 current students at Danish universities have experienced unwanted sexual behaviour, harassment or violations during their time as a student.

The report shows: Investigation of Unwanted Sexual Behaviour Towards Students at Danish Universities that Universities Denmark and the National Union of Students in Denmark have had done. The investigation, which was done via a questionnaire sent to 150,000 enrolled students in May 2018, provides new knowledge and the nature and experiences of unwanted sexual behaviour at Danish universities.

“The universities reflect the surrounding community. Unfortunately, we also have problems with discrimination, harassment and violations – and as a social institution it is naturally our responsibility to ensure that students and employees have a safe and healthy work and study environment. This requires us to have the courage to shed light on the places where we might have problems so we can get better at preventing and handling them. Therefore, the country’s eight universities, in cooperation with the National Union of Students in Denmark, have had this investigation done,” says Henrik Dam.

Based on the results of the survey, SDU has clarified where students should go if they experience unwanted sexual behaviour, the help that is available and the procedures relating to the handling of these cases.

“Any student who experiences unwanted sexual attention is one too many. It is an unacceptable behaviour that we will not tolerate. I encourage students to contact SDU if they have experienced unwanted sexual attention,” says Vice-Chancellor Henrik Dam.

Have you been personally exposed to violent conduct and / or discrimination? Click here for help 

Read the report: Investigation of Unwanted Sexual Behaviour Towards Students at Danish Universities (in Danish only)

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