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The novel coronavirus

The government introduces stricter rules for entry into Denmark

The government's new entry restrictions mean, among other things, that the list of worthy purposes for entering the country will be curtailed, while at the same time new test requirements will be introduced.

The government has decided to implement stricter travel restrictions – provisionally up to and including Sunday 17 January 2021:

Stricter rules will be introduced for who can travel into the country, and there will also be a flight ban on passengers who are unable to present a negative COVID-19 test. Travellers with certain worthy purposes can continue to travel into Denmark. The worthy purposes will be tightened up to and including 17 January 2021.

The following apply to higher education institutions:

  • Students with residence in Denmark will still be able to enter the country.
  • Students without residence in Denmark who fulfill one of the other worthy purposes (e.g. have a job in Denmark) will still be able to enter the country. Please note that special rules apply for worthy purposes for travellers from the UK and South Africa.
  • Being a student alone is not considered a worthy purpose for entry intro Denmark.
  • The requirement for a test 72 hours prior to entry is changed to 24 hours.

The tightening is provisionally valid up to and including Sunday 17 January 2021.

For further information:

Read more about SDU's guidelines here:
For students:
For staff members:

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Thomas Buchvald Vind
University Director

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