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The novel coronavirus

Mandatory testing and 10 days of isolation upon entry into Denmark

Requirements for testing and subsequent isolation for 10 days upon entry into Denmark to limit the introduction and spread of more infectious virus variants.

The government has decided to introduce stricter restrictions on entry from abroad to limit the introduction and spread of more contagious virus variants.

As a rule, the new requirements mean that all persons (including Danish citizens) who enter Denmark are required to get tested and go into self-isolation for 10 days. The isolation period may be shortened by obtaining a negative PCR test performed no sooner than on the fourth day upon entering Denmark. The new rules apply from Sunday 7 February 2021 and until further notice until and including 28 February 2021.

If you want to cross the border, please be advised that it is your own responsibility to be present for exams or teaching. This also applies during the period when the stricter restrictions on entry from abroad are in force.

Persons exempt from the new restrictions
There will be a number of exceptions from the requirements for testing and self-isolation, e.g. for persons permanently resident in the border region and certain persons who frequently cross the border in the course of their work. Foreigners who enter with a view to performing work, delivering goods or services in or outside of Denmark or have another recognisable purpose will, among other things, also be exempt from the isolation requirement during the periods in which they serve the recognisable purpose.

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