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Prepare yourself for the actual interview

Prepare yourself for the actual interview to avoid surprises

Get off to a good start

  • Arrive on time – preferably a little early. This way you can also be sure to find the place and have a moment to calm yourself. You might want ot spend the wait on doing some of Amy Cuddy's power poses)
  • You are in the spotlight from the moment you walk in the door – even when you're greeting the secretary.
  • Be present- look people in the eye, smile, and give a firm handshake.
  • Think about your body language if you can manage it. Keep if open and inviting. Remember to smile! 

The interview's progression:

Small talk

The interview starts right when you arrive. It is their first impression of you and a way to help you relax. 

Presentating yourself

You will almost always be asked to say something about yourself. Here you can talk about who you are - academically, professionally and personally, but also how you fit the job. Also, see the preparation section for help with this.

Questions and dialogue

You will be asked to elaborate on what you have mentioned in your application, CV, or presentation. For example, this could be, “you wrote you are an analytical person. Can you give an example of this or how you think you can use this in the position?” You can find more examples of questions under preparation.

Your questions for them

You will have the opportunity to ask them questions, so prepare a couple. It may well be that you get answers to your questions along the way and won’t need to ask them – but being prepared shows initiative and curiosity.


You might be asked about your expectations (at least if you apply for a job in the private sector). Remember that salary can be more than just what you get paid. It can also be pension, extra benefits or flexibility. Look at the salary statistics online or have a chat with your labor union, who can help you balance your expectations and make a proposal.

Finishing up

The final questions and what happens next. Will there be more interviews? When will you hear from them?  If you have any final burning questions, now is the time to ask them.

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Last Updated 03.09.2021